GCSE Science


Lord Robert Winston, Professor Jim Al-Khalili and Dr Tom Monie

Top scientists, inspiring speakers!

Prof. Jim Al-Khalili expanding young minds.

Prof. Jim Al-Khalili expanding young minds.

Lord Robert Winston, Britain's best known Biologist, is a distinguished scientist and a gifted communicator. He will discuss his work at the forefront of the study of fertility, showing its relevance to some of the issues raised in GCSE Biology.


Professor Jim Al-Khalili is Professor of Physics at the University of Surrey and also has a chair in the Public Engagement of Science. His BBC Radio 4 series,The Life Scientific, is now in its third series, and he regularly presents science programmes on BBC TV. He will be discussing his exciting work and its relevance to GCSE Physics. His title will be, "Our Expanding Universe: Science on a Cosmic Scale". 

Dr Tom Monie, of Cambridge University, is one of the leading researchers world-wide studying the immune response.  His discovery that cat allergens activate the immune system received global media attention. He will discuss Protein and Enzymes, focusing on the following Chemistry GCSE Topics:  "Molecular Shape", "Structure, Bonding and the Properties of Matter", "Energy Changes in Chemistry" and "Rate and Extent of Chemical  Change".  

All speakers will take questions from your students.

A comment from last season's event:

"Fabulous! Thank you!"

Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School

"Excellent- interesting, stretching & well presented. We like the access for young people to top scientists & exciting new fields of study."

Godolphin & Latymer

"The scientists of the future are probably here in this audience."
Jim Al-Kahili


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Tuesday 28th November 2017




The Cambridge Union
9a Bridge Street
Cambridge CB2 1UB

Students pose for a snap with Lord Robert Winston.

Students pose for a snap with Lord Robert Winston.


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