A lot of schools in the country are now aware of the outstanding academic events for which AIM Conferences has an unparalleled reputation.

In recent years we have worked with:

· Richard Dawkins
· Steven Berkoff
· Lord Robert Winston
· David Starkey
· Lord Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury
· Marcus du Sautoy, of TV’s School of Hard Sums
· Jim Al-Khalili, of Radio Four’s The Life Scientific
· Sir Richard Dearlove, former Head of MI6

These famous speakers continue to work with us at our Cambridge and London venues, where our most popular conferences will still take place. 

However, we are launching a new initiative to bring our academics and creative practitioners (unfortunately this does not include our ‘famous names’) to you in your school! The vast majority of these are Oxford or Cambridge academics, or work in prestigious venues in their field (such as RADA). They are chosen both for their academic excellence and for their ability to communicate with young people.

We have decided to run bespoke days for you at a price that is lower than that in our venues. If you can team up with a nearby school by inviting them to your venue you will save even more.  

How it works:

You tell us what you would like. You might, for example, request, AQA GCSE: ‘poetry’, EDEXCEL GCSE BUSINESS ‘building a business’, or OCR AS LEVEL HISTORY, ‘British period study and enquiry’.  You can specify any subject and any topic or topics.

We can also address topics of concern within PHSE or your school community, such as bullying, drug abuse, discrimination, study skills and many others. And we are in touch with a number of speakers who can share truly exceptional and inspirational stories, or give insight into diverse and exciting professions.

We will bring our outstanding speakers to you. They will address your chosen areas, enriching your students’ understanding and, if appropriate, preparing them for examination success. Feedback from our past events tells us that, in many cases, teachers are certain that attendance at our conferences has improved their students' final grades.

Engagement Measures: 

We make sure your pupils are excited by the event.

  • Some of our speakers will call students up to the front to demonstrate ideas and concepts- see Marcus du Sautoy and students doing interactive “musical chairs maths” in the video above!
  • An exercise may be given to students in pairs and the best three answers will be rewarded by small prizes or certificates
  • All speakers will run Q&A sessions
  • Depending on your school’s policy and computing capacity we may be able to allow your students to submit questions to the speakers electronically (which we authorise or reject) during the talks, vote on which of those questions they would most like to hear answered, and take instant quizzes set by the speakers.

Cost and Numbers: 

Costs are based on the number of paying students who attend including your own students and any students you invite from other schools.

  • 600+ students attend: £8-50/student (a saving of £25.50/student and your travel costs)
  • If 500+ students attend: £10/student (a saving of £24.00/student and your travel costs)
  • If 400+ students attend: £12/student (a saving of £22.00/student and your travel costs)
  • If 300+ students attend: £15/student (a saving of £19.00/student and your travel costs)
  • If 200+ students attend: £20/student (a saving of £14.00/student and your travel costs)
  • If 150+ students attend: £25/student (a saving of £9.00/student and your travel costs)
  • If 100+ students attend: £30/student (a saving of £4.00/student and your travel costs)
  • If 50+ students attend £65/student (increased cost compared to the attendance fee for one of our Cambridge or London events before travel costs)

As ever all accompanying teachers attend free.
(Prices quoted are before VAT, which your school may be able to reclaim in full.)

"Well run and very, very courteous."
Sarah Morter
Bromley High School


"It reminded me of my university days. Also the speakers, despite their eminence, did not in any way talk down to the students and were very humble - a point our students noticed and appreciated."
St Ignatius College


"Thoroughly enjoyable. Great speakers and very accessible, yet high level.
Friendly staff, easy to book. Everything was straightforward." Thomas Mills High School

"A really well planned and executed session. Special thanks for giving the students such personal attention. To work with experts in their field has given these students a truly memorable experience. They were really inspired and have a belief that they can do it."
Aston Smith, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Hillview School for Girls

To register interest please reply to this email or visit our website:

Best wishes,
Isabel McCann (MA Cantab)

Some more feedback from our recent events is copied below. More is available at our website:

* ‘Thoroughly useful. I found today’s course excellent. Thank you.’ Laura Butler, Wymondham College
* ‘Relevant and appropriate.’ Valerie Wallace-Jones, Havant College
* ‘Very informative and a good taster of university life.’ Rob Young, Bancrofts


IMPORTANT: Please note, once an invoice has been issued by AIM Conferences you are responsible for paying for it. AIM Conferences places for which you have been invoiced are like theatre tickets you have purchased - they cannot be cancelled.